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06 February 2010 @ 08:30 pm
Episode 3 Summary  
My internet is dying, so I couldn't download the episode, so no screenshots! And I'm summarizing from memory from watching it live yesterday, so I might miss a few things.

- J doesn't die. The gun was empty, but J kind of went crazy, pulling the trigger like 20 times more until Kirishima and the newbie tranquilized him. How depressing D:
- Yagi doesn't die either. The cord slipped off the light and he fell down.
- Maya brings Otoya to a hotel (?) room. They talk a bit, Otoya says something about not involving Fujimaru anymore, and then Otoya's grandfather comes in. So yeah, I suppose Maya is working for him.
- Kirishima tells Kanou and Minami that there's a spy. They assume that J meant in Third I.
- Kanou and Minami go back to Third I, the other woman says something about Hagiwara being the spy, but Hagiwara was listening to the conversation. Kanou goes up with a bunch of people to Hagiwara's office to arrest him or something, but they turn on him! Even Minami. They all think he's the spy.
- Someone phones him, Hagiwara picks up, Maya was on the line, but she hung up after hearing Hagiwara's voice. Hagiwara asks Kanou who it was, but he doesn't respond. Hagiwara pulls up some sheets about some money, saying something like accepting money from terrorists? But we know Maya is with Otoya's grandfather, meaning Kanou is too, so....
- There's still the terrorist threat, but Falcon stops that.
- Yagi receives a text message from 'Hotaru' asking him if he wants to die together with her (?). Haruka phones him, telling her that she's worried about him, if he's being bullied. He hangs up. Hotaru gives him a bunch of orders, telling him to buy a CD titled '魔弾の射手' (the terrorist group's name). Hotaru tells him to go to the washroom, where there's a box wrapped inside a plastic bag in the toilet thing. The key to open the box is in the CD, and he opens it. Inside is a gun.
- Hibiki pulls out a gun and points it at Fujimaru.

Fujimaru and Otoya are with Maya. A lot of shooting goes on, and it looks like Maya dies?! Apparently.

It was lagging horribly, though, so I probably missed a lot. =/
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Miladypossum_baby on February 7th, 2010 11:25 am (UTC)
Oh lordy, you just made my day! I spent the whole week in a funk about J dying and now...woo! I just want him to get the chance to drink another one of his bright green concoctions from last series!