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23 May 2011 @ 08:45 pm
So, this was the VERY FIRST CONCERT I'VE EVER BEEN TO. I'm sooo glad it was Yamapi's, one of my very first JE biases  Not putting this uber long entry under a cut, because I want to spam you all with it

First off, Yamapi is beautiful, gorgeous, flawless, perfect, etc etc etc. The concert venue in Taipei fits like, 5000 people, so you could see him from basically any seat So my ticket was 2500 NTD, which I think is pretty cheap for a concert ticket I reaaally wanted to get a 3000 NTD seat, an arena seat, but those were already sold out I sat in the light blue B section

Anyway, so I arrived at the place at 5:30 ish, and just kinda walked around. I think there were people who came on tours, because there were like, 2 tour buses that I could see. I didn't really bother going to that side, though, so there might have been more tour buses, I'm not sure. Also, because I'm a cheapskate, I didn't buy anything It was kinda awkward holding nothing while everyone else was holding uchiwa and penlights But I'm a cheapskate and thick-skinned, so whatever It started raining like 10, 15 minutes before we could enter, so everybody flocked to the doors to get away from the rain So yeah, we stood around waiting... until at 6, they let us in. I went to my seat, and... waited some more Because the concert didn't start until 7, so yeah, I just sat there for an hour There were annoucements saying that smoking was strictly prohibited and that taking pictures or recording was prohibited, and not to block other fans' view with the uchiwa or penlight... standard concert stuff.

And then at 7, the lights dimmed, and omg fangirls are LOUD. Erm. So. I can't really say much about the actual concert, because I actually didn't listen to the album much before the concert (LOL FAIL I KNOW ) so I'm sure other people could tell you better But urgh, being on the 2nd floor was a bit depressing because when he threw the signboards, his towel, his shirt, he only threw to the arena  (Oh, I think he threw a signboard to the green area, but I'm not too sure, since I sometimes stared at the screen instead) And not that many streamers made it to the 2nd floor, and I was in the middle of the section, so I couldn't run into the aisle and grab some (like some fangirls did).

Yamapi's Engrish was SO ADORABLE LOL I think more people would've understood if he just spoke Japanese, but well, it was adorable

In the question part, a girl asked out of the songs he made, which one did he like best and if he could sing a bit of it. He answered World is yours because Japan was going through a tough time, but he didn't sing it, but he sang it later in the concert anyway. Another girl asked if she could have a sign and he gave her his towel instead! And then a girl asked which drama role he had so far was the hardest to do and to show a bit of it, and he answered that rather than hard, there was something a bit embarrassing to do, and he did the Halleluyah CHANCE Then another girl asked if she could have a sign, and he was like dame desu! But then he was like uso desu~ and said that he'll give one to her later. I think the fangirl thought that he meant he'll like, throw a signboard in her general direction or something, because she was like 'But I'm afraid someone else will take it from me', and Yamapi said that a staff will give it directly to her later And then a girl asked how would he propose to his future wife, and he was like 'I want you!' Oh, so far, that was relatively in order, but there was one that I don't really remember the timing to. The girl asked if he could shake hands with her, and it became like a 20 people handshake from all those other fangirls grabbing his hand

Sometimes when he was dancing, one of the stage lights would be behind him (from my view), and the light would shine all around him and it was sooo beautiful

On the day I went, he did 3 encores. During one of the encores, he went on a platform/moving cart thing, I don't know what you call them, on the 2nd floor, and everybody climbed over the seats to get closer I kinda hesitated a bit, so I didn't manage to get too close to him, but he was like, 2 meters away Oh, I suppose you can count that as close enough So, the entire concert lasted for only (? I don't know how long usual concerts are ) 2 hours and 20 minutes. There was a girl near me who kept crying when it was over

Oh yeah, ABC-Z was backdancing, and Tsukada must've been assigned to our section or something, because he was on our side a LOT. And he was all smiling, waving and doing peace signs and being adorable

So after the concert, I walked around to the entrance/exit gate, and there were loooads of fans standing around 5(?) vans. The drivers or security or whoever they were shooed us back so there was a clearing for the cars to go out And then after like, 45 minutes or so, Yamapi finally came out! ...I think. I thought I saw him for like, 2 seconds, but it was a little past 10PM already, so it was daaark and I'm not really sure lol. Anyways, so they left, and I left after that too

I used to think that people who go to multiple concerts in the same tour were wasting money, but after the concert, I totally wanted to go to the one on the 22nd as well Except, well, all the tickets were sold out  So yeah, that was my first experience at a concert Still can't really believe that he was standing right there in front of me
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aereul: shoaereul on June 1st, 2011 12:28 pm (UTC)
Awww thanks Yeah it was so awesome, I hope he'll come again~ Hope that you'll get to go to a concert soon too