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08 March 2011 @ 03:48 pm
Follow-up to last post :D  
I found a stream if you want to hear it :D

The part where he talked about the recording is from 24:03 to 24:32 melody2

Here's a translation of that part catface
Speaking of that, that's right, recently, I went to sing!
As for what I sang, a song!
At a recording studio. In Victor.
The studio where Kuwata Keisuke-san did the broadcast for Kouhaku.
I went to do a recording there.
Eh? What's wrong? This atmosphere.
Ah, was this something I shouldn't have said at this point in time?
That's, well, what's wrong with saying that I did something that I did!?
What am I snapping back for!

Ahaha Kimura, always the one breaking conventions hearts
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